Our Story

Started in 2015, The Foundry Design is an award winning accessories label, selling leather handbags, belts and purses.

Cheryl Penman, a former Senior Accessories Buyer for River Island and the Arcadia Group in London, co-created the brand with one of her trusted suppliers met at work. Their long-standing working relationship dates back over twenty years and has evolved to friendship, loyalty and mutual respect. 

Helen Sandle is The Foundry Design’s Social Media Marketing Manager.  A highly creative individual, writer and photographer who sees possibilities everywhere. She is constantly taking in information  that becomes fodder for creative expression. A person on whom “nothing is lost.”

Combining forces has enabled them to tap into their wealth of design, manufacturing and industry experience. Without the restrictions of exorbitant high-street profit margins, they have been able to create the product they always wanted. A Collection of high quality, fashion forward leather bags, without a hefty price-tag.

Designed in London by Cheryl, with great care and attention to detail – every aspect of the bag is thought through.  It must answer a need, be adaptable and user-friendly.  The designs fit into your busy life-style and become an integral part of your wardrobe.  Detachable straps and leather lined internal pockets provide maximum versatility. The leathers are beautifully soft, and expertly sourced. Our love and knowledge of leather is self-evident in our sumptuous pieces. They are sensory pieces, soft to the touch with that characteristic leather smell denoting quality.   

The Collection is a unique vision of individuality. Signature animal prints and dynamic use of colour lend a distinctive aesthetic. Inspiration is taken from both street style, and the Catwalks – a combination resulting in a contemporary, relevant, modern femininity.

The Foundry Design remains unique in its brand identity, and high levels of customer service. The company name derives from a Foundry “a workshop or factory for casting metal’. A place where traditionally Blacksmiths forge horseshoes, symbolic of good luck- the Company logo. The name reflects both the small runs of production and the manufacture of metal hardware used for straps and fittings by skilled craftspeople.

Cheryl Penman

Helen Sandle