Our Story

Hello! We are Cheryl, Helen and Rachel of The Foundry Design.

A creative group of friends with backgrounds in fashion buying, social media and travel.

Our mission is to challenge out-dated and prohibitive pricing of design-led leather bags. We aim to create durable, stylish leather bags, which make you look and feel good without the hefty price-tag.

The Foundry Design was created from a partnership between Cheryl and her manufacturer, met whilst a Senior Accessories Buyer for one of the U.K’s leading fashion retailing groups.

Our unique, integrated way of working allows us total control over the design and manufacturing process. This enables us to produce high quality, timeless designs at lower price points.

In contrast to synthetic products with shorter shelf-lives, our bags produced to be worn time after time, avoiding unnecessary waste resulting in land-fill.

Each product from The Foundry Design is created in our in-house design studio, and produced in small limited runs.

We are at home in London, which is a constant source of inspiration. Our Collection reflects the colourful diversity from the streets and gives a nod to Runway trends. With a focus on chic, versatile pieces with a quirky edge, our bags are often the focal point of an outfit.

The Foundry Design remains unique in its brand identity, valuing  people, relationships and our high levels of customer service above all else.

Our name derives from a Foundry “a workshop or factory for casting metal’, where Blacksmiths traditionally forge horseshoes, symbolic of good luck. It reflects the individuality of our product, small manufacturing runs and quality production by skilled craftspeople.

Cheryl Penman

Helen Sandle