Welcome to the Foundry Design

The Brand

A British, independent brand of luxe leather goods, at affordable prices. We are a small group of Creatives, with industry backgrounds in fashion, digital & social media.

Working in partnership with our manufacturer, allows us to create such a unique product. We are fascinated by large Cities, particularly London- being our homeland.  The Collection reflects our love of the architecture, culture and diversity found within the streets and the people.The goods are crafted in high quality leathers, metal fittings and hardware. They are produced in small runs, with great care in our off-shore factory.

Our name

A Foundry is “a workshop or factory for casting metal’’, where traditionally Blacksmiths forged Horseshoes – symbolic of good luck.     Our name reflects both the skilled workmanship you would find in a Foundry, and that our products are carefully designed here in the UK.

The horseshoe is our company logo, symbolising craftsmanship and good fortune.


My name is Cheryl, the designer and founder.  After an extensive career in fashion buying on the high-street, I decided to design the bag I’d always wanted to buy.

It had to be leather, super stylish yet functional, a bag you could take anywhere, or give as a gift, at an affordable price.   A bag to delighted and inspired by, that starts a conversation that puts a smile on your face.

Helen is a creative individual, specialising in social media- with a passion for photography, fashion, travel and cool places to hang out in London.


Kathryn is head of all things Tech.  She loves to travel, and experience life in other Countries and Cities.  This allows Kathryn to view the world from different perspectives,  and influences her creative digital work.  Fitness and personal well-being are amongst her core values, and she has a love of fashion.  Kathryn is  also our ‘face’ of The Foundry Design this Season.

Together we are The Foundry Design, and are passionate in continuing to share our vision with you.



We have appointed key stockists and will be expanding this list selectively

2 Pecks Yard
Hanbury Street
E1 6QS

Lux Fix Ltd
14-21 Elder Street
E1 6BT

Tinker Tailor
13 Queen Annes Place

Pretty English
Greenleigh Court
3D Wilson Street
N21 1BP